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Total Assets

1.2M sqm

Build & Hold: Gross Floor Area


Build & Hold: Gross Development Value



Key figures

In thousands of EUR FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022
Income Statement
Total Revenue 720,700 647,987 76,218 172,278
EBIT 325,767 330,385 323,746 (2,455,907)
Balance Sheet
Total Assets 7,311,752 4,813,548 7,905,743 4,721,950
Total Equity 2,204,586 2,063,145 2,301,215 (522,077)
Total Liabilities 5,107,166 2,750,403 5,604,529 5,244,027
LTV 54.3% 41.9% 59.8% 99.8%

Bonds and securities

Aggregate Holdings EUR 600,000,000 6,875% 11/25 Bond
Issuer Aggregate Holdings SA (Luxembourg)
Issuance Volume (in EUR) EUR 600,000,000
Rank, Status Senior unsecured notes, ranking pari passu
Coupon (in %) 6,875% fixed rate
Redemption price (in %) 100%
Interest Payment Annually, in arrears on 9th November of each year
Issue Date 09.11.2020
Maturity / Redemption Date 09.11.2025
Denomination EUR 1,000
Minimum Subscription Amount EUR 100,000
Governing Law German Law
ISIN / WKN DE000A28ZT71 / A28ZT7
Listing of Bonds Euro MTF market segment of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange


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